PO BOX 44427
Tacoma WA 98448-0427
Phone: 253-537-6634
Phone: 888-490-3741
Fax: 253-537-7896
Address/Contact Information
+ What are your business hours?
+ What is your fax number?
+ What is your mailing address?
+ What is your physical address?
+ Where is your main office located?
+ Which option should I select when calling in to set up a NEW account or to ask billing questions?

Billing - Payments - Account
+ If I have a leak, is there any billing recourse?
+ Why can't you just bill the reconnection fee?
+ Can I pay over the phone?
+ Can you provide any financial assistance for people on fixed incomes?
+ What can I do if I know I won't be able to pay my bill this month?
+ If I have been disconnected due a delinquent balance, may I make an online payment to get reconnected?
+ I am leaving for 3 months. Can you suspend my account?
+ Do you really need my social security number to open an account?
+ I just bought a house and need to set up an account. What do I need to do?
+ I am moving out of my home. What do I need to do to close my account?

Water Use Efficiency
+ Why is there a higher charge for high usage when there wasn't a drought this year?
+ What is considered normal consumption and what is considered excessive consumption?
+ How much water does and average family of 4 use?
+ Why was the Conservation rate originally put in place?
+ How can I control my water consumption?
+ How can I keep track of how much water I use and what my bill will be?

Fire Hydrants
+ The fire hydrant in front of my home needs painting, who do I contact about that?
+ Why does the water company keep removing my landscaping around fire hydrants?

+ Where is my meter located?
+ I think my meter is not reading correctly. How do I get it checked and what will it cost?
+ Is my personal information secure if I have a cell meter?

+ What is the best way to remove mineral residue?
+ I filled out a Water Use Questionnaire with my Application for Service, but I have had the Water Use Questionnaire sent to me more than once. What is that program all about?

+ Why do you guys charge so much?
+ How much does it cost to fill a swimming pool?
+ How much longer will the surcharge be in effect? What is the surcharge for?

+ How do I tell if I have a leak?
+ I need a water main located on the water line on my property, how do I go about that?
+ I see water bubbling or spraying out of the ground outside of my property, what should I do?
+ Does Rainier View Water Co. refer any plumber to repair leaks?
+ What repairs is the water company required to make?
+ I need some work done (meter fixes, repair/location, water flushing, etc.), how long will it take?
+ Who is responsible for the repairs on the water service for my home if I discover a leak?

+ How do I shut off the water going into my home?

Water Quality
+ How do I call to complain about my water?
+ My water is foggy, perhaps a bit white. What is the cause?
+ There is a blue tint and/or residue to my water, what is the cause?
+ My water looks brown and/or rusty in color, what is the cause?
+ What additives or chemical does Rainier View Water Co. add to the water?
+ Is there Fluoride in the water?